Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable. Whether expected or unexpected, it is a part of life. Obviously change can be initiated by us or an outside force. Things like watching our children grow into adults, we hope that as parents we raised them in a positive way. Giving them words and ways to live by, they can create and change into their own style. We watch as our parents that we relied on through the years begin to rely on us for help as they age. Each day brings about more change.

Here at The Hands of Life, we view changes as growth.

One of the changes we’ve made is making our phone number easier to remember.

We also offer now massage classes!

By practicing and learning the proper ways to manipulate the body’s muscles and soft tissues through various massage techniques you can provide incredible physical benefits to people who would otherwise be in pain or discomfort without you. The techniques and methods of massage therapy you will learn will give you the tools to access and address problem areas of irritation, pain and discomfort. It is an amazing, fulfilling and rewarding experience to be the source of someone’s relief. Massage therapy can also be used to help prevent certain pain and tension in people who may be prone to it. Your knowledge could help people make better choices about their lifestyles.

Life does not get better in time,  it gets better by change. I hope that in life’s challenges, you will not only get out stronger but more in love with life. But, times will really test you to your limits. Make sure to make time for yourself and relax. Forget about anything else. In case you need a breather, you can always book a massage with us.  Stress can be both physical and mental. Stress can physically occur within muscles after injury or overuse causing a buildup of tension resulting in an increase in pain. Stress can occur mentally due to restricted movement, pain or injury. Mental stress is caused by a hormone called cortisol which can also increase anxiety and depression. Where small amounts of stress can be good for a person, too much stress can cause pain, fear of returning to sport of injury and self-doubt. We can reduce stress through massage to help increase relaxation, reduce pain and improve a person’s overall mood. Check out our services to find out what kind of massage your body needs.