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When clients think about massage some are confused about how often, how long, how much is too much, is massage supposed to hurt? We want to address some of those questions. I will give you examples of what happens when the therapist or client misguide the use of massage/under use massage. While reading this, take a moment to think about what massage means to you. How does massage exist in your life? We would love to hear about your relationship with massage. First, let us start with a basic in-take question.

Hey, when was the last time you had a massage? That’s the question most Therapist ask. We prefer to ask; how often do you receive massage? The frequency is what matters when it comes massage. Now, let’s imagine what massage would look like in paradise!

You wake up fully rested, it feels like you have all the time in world, and each day you receive a two-hour massage. Two hours? Yes!!! Woah, my goodness, isn’t two hours way too long? Well, since frequency is what matters. Yes, a two-hour massage daily is too long! Let’s come back to reality. Now, a one-hour massage daily, is ok. It would have to alternate between light to med/deep pressure, but you’ll be ok. Clients that receive bodywork for a long time, like a two-hour massage, who do not get frequent massage can display flu like symptoms. The Power of Massage!

Massage is a strong medicine and should not be taken lightly. In a networking meeting a lady heard what my profession is after the 1min intro. Afterwards while mingling, I felt her need to share as she estimated my window of availability. When she walked over, leaned in closely and said, “I appreciate that you shared your love for anatomy and that you guys educate your clients. I went to a massage therapist who told me deep tissue is painful. Later that day, I was in the hospital with horrible bruises and in worse pain then I was before I saw him!”. Massage when used inappropriately can do more harm than good. Massage may be uncomfortable, but it should not be painful. The most important thing is to make sure to find a massage therapist that fits you.

Finding a Massage Therapist that fits you and listens to you is crucial! If you want a two-hour massage on a regular basis, having a therapist that knows your body will be safer for you. They will know what muscles where worked on last time, your medical history, and the time line of any injuries you may have. If you like deep pressure you both can establish what your definition of deep means, without it sending you to the ER. So, how does massage exist in your life? Is your Massage Therapist Certified in Orthopedic or Medical Massage? Do you want your massage Therapist to know the anatomy, as their hands drill through the things that your body needs to release? Let massage be a constant in your life! Let massage heal your body. Let massage strengthen the bond between your body and mind!

We would love to hear from you! Do you have any questions for us? We’re located in Roswell, GA.

The Muscle of The Week is the Tibialis Posterior.

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