Magnetic Cupping

Magnetic Cupping has been around for thousands of years. Magnetic therapy is viewed as an alternative therapy. Many people have experienced the benefits of magnetic therapy so much that they made it a part of their daily healing. Clothes, bracelets, shoe inserts, blankets, and mattress pads can all be purchased with magnets. By creating a magnetic field, the bio-magnetic field of the body is influenced to work to heal illnesses and repair injuries.

Did you know that NASA sent their astronauts to space in a shuttle did not have a magnetic field? They learned that space does not have a magnetic field like we have on Earth. The outcome was astronauts with weaker bones, loss of muscle, and lower immune systems. NASA spent $3.5 Million on Magnetic therapy research. After their conclusions, they now implement the use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF). They also found it to heal broken bones. You can check out their study at the end of this Blog.

Magnetic Cupping is wonderfully different, the strength levels of the magnets are appropriately applied to your meridian lines balancing your energy while loosening the tight muscular fibers. Think of an MRI, a huge magnet that allows us to use its power to see through the body. Literally, while you’re alive and breathing, without cutting you open. Wow right!?! Now imagine a session where softer magnets join the suction of cupping. They are used to help your body discharge the disruptive energy. Like when we touch the doorknob and it shocks us. Magnetic Cupping is safe but not for those who have internal devises, like a pacemaker.

While Magnetic Cupping doesn’t shock you, some have been sensitive enough to feel the currents of energy communicating. When someone’s energy is down it can be felt in a room. If you know someone who suffers of stress and anxiety, know that Cupping therapy with or without magnets can help. Cupping therapy has many benefits. With Magnetic Cupping, there’s different stages or types of treatments.

A full blanket of Magnetic Cupping has such an amazing way of aiding your body to your parasympathetic nervous system. Being in a Sympathetic (Fight-or-flight) response takes a toll on your immune system and therefore overall health. Most clients expressed that they feel as if they have fallen into a trans state of deep relaxation. The full Cupping Blanket is only one of many ways to change the body’s nervous system. The body heals itself best, when the body can revive the cells without outside stress.

Now that you know a bit more about Magnetic Cupping, what do you think? Give it a try Magnetic Cupping Therapy raises energy levels, helps with depression, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Inflammations, Back pain and foot pain, wounds from life or surgery. If you want to try Magnetic Cupping, we look forward to meeting you!

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Yup, NASA uses Magnetic Therapy to heal broken bones. Read more here….

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