Massage: A Whole Body Experience

A whole body massage

Massage: A Whole Body Experience

You are probably stressed, it’s Saturday and all you need is some time to relax from a whole weekday of work, you decided to eat with your family or probably plans to go to a park, you realized your muscles hurt and suddenly, you realized that a near massage therapy clinic is just within the neighborhood; and so you decided to book an appointment for a whole-body massage experience.

You are very excited, you haven’t been in a massage clinic for a long time, and you know you need it. As you approach the clinic you are greeted with a warm welcome, you suddenly feel safe and at home. You explained the pain you feel in the back, how uncomfortable your neck feels, and explained that you may need some products to apply on some sore muscles, the staff were very accommodating and decided to give you some advice, everything was very promising, and so you started your first session right away.

Man having a whole body massage

You filled out the intake form, you wanted to be relaxed, you are very excited to start the treatment, you then decided to be fully clothed during the session, and even you feel that these may affect the treatment, the staff provided options and explained the efficiency of different attires you can choose, you feel respected and treated well with your decisions, the therapist left the room, while both of you prepare for the most astounding experience that will happen, and so, the session begins. You feel a very pleasant touch all throughout your body, suddenly, all the pain was replaced by comfort, and all stress was replaced by good thoughts, you smiled. You felt just the right pressure you need, you feel rejuvenated, all the tiredness accumulated for the week suddenly was all gone, you feel the relief you have been needing for the past month, you told yourself that you are very lucky you decided to have a reservation in this place, after some time, you feel sleepy, and you know it’s fine, people in the place are all professionals, you then surrendered yourself and now you’re sounding asleep.

You woke up very fresh, you felt that your body is lighter, more ready for the next week’s work, the therapist asked a few more questions to you, she has to know if you felt better, she has to determine if the treatment was effective, you felt the urge to do this every week, you told the therapist, she will be devising a protocol so you can take the best course for you in your next visit, now you are pretty sure that all the uncomfortable pain you feel will all be gone, you think. if a single session can do all these great benefits, what more can a whole course do? And yes you know everything will be fine. Using the muscular chart, your therapist then showed you the common strain patterns that have affected other clients in cases similar to yours, and relate it back to your specific problem. You are now also enlightened, you feel that you have more knowledge of your body than before.

You left the clinic, the staff gave you their goodbyes and for sure, you will be back next week, this Saturday has never been this satisfying. You went home and felt like everything feels good, you told your wife that she must try going to the clinic as well, she agreed so both of you can go for your next week’s session.

You are very thankful for the day and the massage clinic, you definitely had a great whole-body experience that will later be a life-changing one!

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