Massage for your Mind, Body, and Soul

Massaging for mind, body and soul

Massage for your Mind, Body, and Soul

Massage helps us in many ways, while as we think about relaxation and treating ourselves, it turned out that massage has really beneficial ways to help the mind, body, and soul, this has been proven by a lot of doctors and researchers in the field of medicine, Hands of Life has a background in Physical Therapy, Orthopedics, Medical, Sports, and eastern modalities that will surely help you with your needs. If you’ve never tried massage, learn about its possible health benefits and what to expect during a massage therapy session.

Relaxing the mind by help of massage

The mind:

Massage reduces stress and increases relaxation, it improves alertness, removes anxiety, headaches and depression as well. It will improve your quality of sleep and can provide you a sense of balance. Stress is very dangerous, it can affect your day-to-day life, it has been proven to be a cause for fatigue, inflammations and a lot of other negative effects to the body; Massage helps you to fight stress hormones by sending a good signal to the brain, making you a lot more relaxed and refreshing. When you are relaxed, it will improve your sleep pattern, gives you a better/deeper sleep. Research has demonstrated that those who received a 30-minute massage twice a week for five weeks reported a significant decrease in pain, which led to fewer sleep disturbances. Massage also helps you release endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine that can help you with depression.

The body represented by a doll, massage can really help the body

The Body:

Massage treatment can do a lot to your body, it can heal soft tissue injuries, muscle pain, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and muscle tension. It significantly improves blood circulation as well! It increases your joint mobility and flexibility, your massage therapist may also incorporate stretching and range of motion movements into the massage, which mobilizes the joints and places beneficial tension on your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Reflexology points, which relate to all parts of the body, can be found in the feet, hands, face, and ears. These points respond to pressure, stimulating the body’s own natural healing process. Pain on your back, nerves, and neck can be all gone within a few massage sessions. It can even manage some sports injuries as well. When you are relaxed your mind sends pleasant signals to the body a feeling of well-being. The slight friction of your massage therapist’s hands along with the massage lotion and oil causes gentle exfoliation, allowing fresh skin cells to emerge, YES, it can refresh even your skin! Massage therapy can help get the body back into proper alignment. In fact, improving posture is one of the most beneficial and relaxing aspects of massage therapy. Massage allows the body to relax and loosen the muscles made tense and sore via bad posture, the joints we be flexible, have more range of motion, and pressure points are relieved. As result, you will get better posture.

Massage can help the soul relax

The Soul:

Our body and mind are just part of our material being, massage and its relaxing components can make you reach a higher aspect of yourself. It refreshes your energy, it creates a whole new sense of relief. It gives you a whole new level of euphoria that reduces all the negative energies in your body. It calms the heart and can heal different negative emotions that you feel. It gives comfort and a sense of nursing, something that humankind wants to feel, we want to be treated well, loved, and touched. We wanted to feel that someone cares for us, that someone is there to help us heal. It is an overall way of easing all the pain and negative energy.

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