Massage is for All Ages, Even Kids!

Massaging a baby

Massage is for All Ages, Even Kids!

At what age can a person enjoy a massage? Well, massage is for all ages! There are different positive effects that a massage can give to different people, a massage therapist can customize your experience as well.

Children love to play and most of them are very active, they do a lot of work on their body during these times and they encounter stress too! They may not be vocal about it, but surely some of their body parts might be hurt too. Have you tried massaging their head until they fall asleep? This is just one of the indications that massage is very beneficial for them too. Infant massage has long been a common practice in many cultures. Many indigenous tribes use some form of massage to soothe, relax, and heal their kids, sometimes including oils and herbal remedies as part of the experience. With our modern technology and fast-paced lives, we frequently find ourselves lacking in quality family time and touching each other less. Touch is the very first sense a human develops, it is actually essential to our health and wellbeing. We all loved to be cared for, caressed and physical contact is one of the ways to make someone feel they are important. Adults like us need the sense of touch and sometimes, we get depressed if no one wants to reach out or if we felt like nobody cares. A simple hug, a handshake, or a tap on the back are just simple ways to prove that touch is very crucial at any age.

Kids feet held by a professional massage therapist

Massage is a wonderful stress reliever for children, most of the time, we think that stress is just an adult condition, but even children can undergo this situation too. A child starting at school who sees new people, new places and a new teacher they have to follow can cause them stress. An illness, a family fight he/she might have overheard can make them depressed. Massage therapy is very well known to release good hormones that can take away all discomfort and stress, and though children can rapidly heal themselves physically, stress can affect this healing process; a good massage can bring back the balance of their mind and body.

With younger kids, they are given a very gentle and safe massage as they grow older, the massage can be more specific. Massage therapists are greatly knowledgeable about knowing what kind of massage is best for a certain group of age, In Hands of Life, we make sure that our therapists are professionals who know how to handle different ages and what works for them.

Some parents also try how to learn massage for their babies, this can also be great to again give the sense of touch to their as young as possible, to let the kids know they are being loved and cared for; massage is a great way to make your kids feel that you value them, this will make the kids more stress-free and will develop a sense of trust to their parents, once massage is established in a family routine, it can benefit them in their growing years, they will sleep better, allowing them to have better behavior, boosting their self-confidence, and probably be better at school as well, a great relationship with a professional massage therapist that gives them safe, unconditional touch can also help them in their growth.

It is crucial to contact a professional massage therapist for your kids, a practitioner who treats your children like their own, who knows how to do massage for all ages, and who will give them the same loving touch that parents give.

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