Wellness Programs

Pre And Post Operation

Receiving massage before your operation will cut down on your recovery time. Getting massage post-operation speeds up recovery. Being able to receive treatment before and after help; prepares the area (healthier muscles, better blood flow) pain is decreased, the scar heals better, and less swelling occurs.

You may have more questions about the specifics and we’d love to chat with you. Let’s make sure this gets covered by your insurance too!



Accident/PIP Injuries

Have you been in a car accident? Did you injure yourself at work? We walk you through your treatment(s) and provide the notes needed to file your claim. Do not wait to get treatment after an accident or injury.


Medical Massage prescribed by a doctor for a medical cause. i.e; frozen shoulder, thick scar, sciatica, carpal tunnel, herniated discs, etc. Not sure how to get a prescription, let us help!

Aromatherapy massage with infused oil while diffusing an essential oil of your choice.

Myofascial Release This is a low-pressure technique that is very effective.

Neuromuscular massage addresses neural entrapment, nerve compression, postural assessment, and dysfunctional gait patterns.

Maternity massage We accept mothers in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. It is a healthy way to reduce stress, help backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, and edema (or swelling).

Trigger point therapy is designed to specifically alleviate the source(s) of pain.

Deep Tissue targets the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia.

Thai massage is a full body assisted stretching massage. No oils or creams are used for this massage. Fully clothed, so please make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing.

a person with a cupping blanket on them

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy the only modality to provide negative pressure

Bio-Magnetic Therapy helps restore your energy field by using different strengths of magnets with our cupping. Anxiety, bone fractures and muscle atrophy are a few things that can also be helped with Bio-Magnetic Therapy.

This therapy is also recognized by NASA and the foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine.

Know what to expect, how to dress, and how to prepare before arriving.