Mom’s Day

Being a mom was never an easy job. Giving unconditional love and patience for us. Mom is who you thought first when something happens, whether it’s good or bad. They are our first teachers and we won’t be where we are right now if not because of them.

The real superheroes are our Moms. 

It goes without saying that being a Mom is one of the most rewarding, also the hardest job.

Mom’s day shouldn’t just be for a day. We should celebrate their life everyday.

One day isn’t enough to show how thankful we are for all their hard work, patience and sacrifices to make us fee happy and loved. They do so much for us, and sometimes, we don’t even notice it. So the least we can do is honor them whenever we get the chance.

To every Mom who spent the night awake by their sick child, nursing and taking care of them. To every Mom who always worries about their family’s safety more than their very own. To every Mom who is doing their best that they can do to make their kids happy, whether by making them their favorite dish, or spending time with them.

It’s time to give back the love with them with a Mom’s Restorative Massage with The Hands of Life.

Mom’s Restorative Massage is a blend of relaxation and modified deep tissue massage. The focus is restoring balance to the whole body. This is beneficial to your body whether you are stressed or suffering from a chronic injury. Pressure depends on the individual client ranging from light to heavy. Gentle movement is also used at times to help free up tight and tight muscle tissues. The goal is to reduce pain, relax the mind and leave the client feeling happy and refreshed.