The Mother’s Day with The Hands Of Life

Mother Is The Perfect Example Of Selfless, Unconditional Love

It is of the purest form, so deep and real. Her love is an undiluted dose of unconditional adoration. She is someone who just wishes for her child’s happiness above all else. No love is greater than the love of a Mom.

5 Benefits of Postpartum Massage

  • Helping relieve tension and stress from delivery – Birth is incredibly difficult! Even the simplest and quickest labor puts a lot of strain on your body and can produce physical as well as emotional stress. After giving delivery, it’s fairly typical to experience lingering stress. A post-partum massage can relieve musculoskeletal pain and aid in the recovery of your body and mind from the pressures of childbirth.
  • Helping with arm, neck, and shoulder tension from feeding and holding your infant – Being a new mother can take a toll on your arms, shoulders, and neck, no matter how careful you are or how fit you were before becoming a parent. One-sided feeding, continual lifting and carrying, lugging a diaper bag… the list of reasons you’ll need a massage is endless. To relieve discomfort and enhance range of motion, your massage therapist can focus on these regions.
  • Helping clear excess fluids and postpartum swelling – Swelling (or edema) is a common postpartum symptom that occurs when your body releases all the fluid it has stored while preparing for childbirth. Massage therapy can aid in the removal of fluid by using techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage to help the fluid move from the extremities.
  • Helping promote milk production via stress reduction and production of prolactin – A complex combination of chemicals in your body, including prolactin, oxytocin, and cortisol, regulates breast milk production. One of the most well-known benefits of massage treatment is stress alleviation. But did you know that receiving a massage can help you produce more milk by lowering stress? Massage therapy helps lower your levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which is the “number one killer of breastmilk production.” Massage therapy has also been shown to raise prolactin levels in several studies.
  • Helping you regain proper posture and body mechanics – After your pregnancy, you and your massage therapist will work toward one of the long-term treatment goals. Pregnancy, labor, and being a new mother all take a physical toll. Your massage therapist will help your body regain full strength with targeted massage treatments and personalized homecare instructions (including self-massage techniques), so you can enjoy every moment with your new baby!

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4 Benefits of Massage for C-Section Delivery

  • Reduce Swelling – Water retention is very typical among expecting and new mothers. If you still have excess water weight after giving birth, don’t worry; it will naturally disappear. Massage, on the other hand, can undoubtedly speed up the process. It will make your body feel better by assisting in the expulsion of any trapped fluids. Doctors usually recommend massage late after a c-section, at the earliest around 3 weeks after the delivery, depending on how you are doing at the time.
  • Recovery of Wounds at Better Speed – A mother who had a typical delivery would usually heal faster and her stretch marks would fade with little effort. C-sections, on the other hand, may require a little more work and results to scarring. Massage aids with circulation and healing, as well as breaking down scar tissue and minimizing the appearance of scars over time.
  • Simple Means of Relaxation – Massage helps you relax and relieve stress. For starters, it soothes physical aches and pains, including neck and back pain, which may have been a contributing role in your inability to relax. Massage also produces hormones that make you feel peaceful and relaxed. So, take a look at your massage selections and enjoy your time of relaxation.
  • Restoration to Pre-Pregnancy Figure – Naturally, you’d perhaps wish for a comeback of your previous pre-pregnancy days and a better physique. The good thing is, to a certain extent, it is still achievable with specialized sessions of massage. Postnatal massage can certainly help in restoring the shape of your body.

Being a mother is a wonderful experience.

Any parent will tell you that adding a child to your family will transform your life. If you’re the one who gives birth to that child, it will alter your entire body. While this procedure is likewise lovely, it is not without its discomfort and sometimes agony.  Massage, fortunately, can assist!

Make sure to make her feel loved this Mother’s Day. Book her a Restorative Massage.