Plastic Surgery Post Op Massage

Why massage is a good post-op care after your plastic surgery?

Post-operative massage increases blood and lymphatic fluid circulation, which increases the body’s ability to oxygenate its tissues and organs and reduces edema and stiffness. It enables patients to recover more quickly and have assistance during their healing. After surgery, including massage treatment provides significant psychological advantages as well. While the patient is healing, it offers a gentle and loving kind of therapy.

When it comes to recovering following surgery, patience is key. It’s crucial that you take it easy during this period, concentrate on
resting, and take care of yourself as your body heals. Consider it some extra R&R time.

Each person’s body is unique, and each person heals at a different pace. For several of the surgeries we provide, the following are some
general recovery time guidelines: 

  • Eyelid surgery (4 weeks)
  • Facelift (2 weeks)
  • Necklift (2 weeks)
  • Breast augmentation (3-4 weeks)

A manual lymphatic drainage massage is a light massage that improves blood circulation and aids in clearing toxins that have accumulated in the lymphatic system. Your system will continue to operate normally and reabsorb the poisons as the waste tissue is naturally eliminated from the body.

The massage itself is made to avoid damaging deep tissue or the incision. Its primary function is to aid in recuperation by gently massaging the top layers of skin and tissue. You will see a decrease in swelling and the removal of bruises within days of carefully rubbing the injured area.

Starting the lymphatic drainage massage a few days after surgery is possible. It is advised that until you are cured, this technique be carried out for an hour at a time, four to five times per week. This massage works well to lessen bruising and swelling and hasten healing. Before your surgery, make sure to discuss your wish to have this procedure with your doctor.


We’ve already worked with two plastic surgeons (Previously with Dr. Curves and working currently with Dr. Yugueros) and currently doing part-time at Luna’s Plastic Surgery. We are working closely with surgeons to gain more knowledge on how to make better care of you. We know what to look out for to make sure they’re healing properly, teach home-care, and we are medically certified.

Here are some benefits of post-operative massage therapy:

1. Reduces Inflammation – The main factor for bruising after surgery is inflammation, which can be exacerbated by the body’s fluids stiffening. These fluids won’t solidify by sitting still; massage
will keep them flowing. Additionally, it promotes a healthy lymphatic system, which helps to improve blood flow and remove toxins and waste.

2. Minimizes the pain – An increase in blood flow following surgery can help with pain control. Clearing and reabsorbing are typically the two parts of the massage that you’ll encounter. By clearing, the body can get rid of any waste or toxins that might be accumulating in the system or becoming clogged. The massage will remove the obstruction and enable a natural flow of fluid to the lymph nodes. This halts the fibrosis process and enables the lymphatic system to start the subsequent phase, called reabsorption. Reabsorbing entails cleansing the blood of toxins and trash to ensure sufficient blood flow to the injured location. As a result, the discomfort subsides much faster than it would without the massage

3. Faster recovery time – The majority of patients who undergo plastic surgery recover extremely well. They will let the discomfort be relieved by the medications the doctor provided and they will rest as they recover. Following surgery, your body will detect an increase in toxins in the vicinity of the damaged areas, which it will attempt to eliminate on its own. Your body will heal more quickly as a result of massage’s ability to transport these poisons along much more quickly.

4. Lessen the scarring – Collagen fibers will be delivered to the injured area as your body attempts to mend itself. This works in your favor since a massage can gently move these fibers into place far more rapidly and precisely than they could if they tried to do so on their own. The skin will loosen up and become supple and malleable, preventing the formation of unattractive scar tissue.

5. Stress and Anxiety Reduction – Plastic surgery is already a worrying and stressful experience. You will be sliced open throughout the procedure, and things will be done to your internal organs. While you might wish for the best, the nerves won’t go away until the treatment is finished and the results are seen. Depression may creep into your brain after surgery as you come to accept your new identity. You can heal from illness and come out the best you thanks to massage therapy.