Pre and Post Operation Massage

A massage prior to your surgery, in addition to a pre-operation physical and other preparations, can be therapeutic.


Stress relief: getting some relaxation under the care of a skilled massage therapist can help ease some of that worry while also lowering blood pressure and pulse rate. Plus, the production of feel-good endorphins that are being released won’t hurt.

Sleep assistance: this goes hand in hand with stress management, as it isn’t uncommon for people undergoing surgery to experience anxiety that prevents them from sleeping. Since good sleep contributes to wellness, receiving some assistance catching the sleep is an extra bonus.

Immune system boost: therapeutic massage assists the increase of white blood cells count (lymphocytes), which are the body’s natural defense against illnesses that fight off infections.

The benefits of therapeutic massage soon after surgery helps.

Wound healing and reduction of scar tissue: Massage expedites wound healing and minimize scar formation by stimulating blood and lymph circulation. 

Pain management: surgery is always linked with some pain, and studies have shown that massage can be just as beneficial as drugs for pain management of different conditions. It may be a very effective addition to a physical therapy regimen for some types of orthopedic surgery.

Flexibility and range of motion: massage therapy is a highly beneficial addition to a physical therapy regimen for some types of orthopedic surgery.


Receiving massage before your operation will cut down on your recovery time. Getting massage post-operation speeds up recovery. Being able to receive treatment before and after help; prepares the areas for healthier muscles, better blood flow. Pain is decreased, the scar heals better, and less swelling occurs.