Success Stories

Ayesha is an excellent therapist. My PCP recommended her after I has done 1 (one) year of Physical Therapy with minimal improvement. Ayesha was able to identify the source of the problem and come up with a treatment plan. After seeing Ayesha for 2 months and incorporating the stretches that she recommended I am back to running and exercising without any pain. I appreciate getting my time and life back. As a physician myself, I appreciate the complementary skills that she brings to the table to heal patients. I would recommend her without hesitation.
Dr. Nicole Perrotte
Ayesha is incredibly skilled at helping me heal issues that several doctors have been unable to. She is working on myofascial knots and a frozen shoulder and I am seeing real results - my shoulder is getting loosened up, my range of motion is increasing, and I am able to get through the night without needing multiple ice packs.
When I see her, she explains to me how the anatomy of different muscles and nerves is affecting what she is doing; she gave me exercises to do at home and I can visualize how these engage those muscles to help me further my healing.
She provides far more than I expected and I can easily recommend her to anyone needing a therapeutic massage. Plus she's super nice. 🙂
Gabrielle S.
I'm so glad to be able to find Laura! I can tell you that her hands are very special. The kind of massage she does is amazing! I was in very bad pain and after the first session I started feeling much better. I highly recommend her as a fantastic professional and a very respectful woman.
Maria C.
I have had many massages with Ayesha now for almost a year, from help with recovering from major surgery to relaxation.. strongly recommend! Patient, kind, caring and a knowledgeable therapist!
Michelle Bush
CEO of La Casa
I recommend Laura, she is very professional and knowledgeable. The ambience is also really nice and very clean. A really cool space for relaxation.
Jay R.
My experience with Ayesha has been a very positive one. She is a highly skilled practitioner and enthusiastic about her craft. She consistently offers in-depth therapeutic knowledge, which reveal the training and continuing education she has invested in. Ayesha has particular specialties in adolescent and sports-related message. Go ahead and give her a call; you'll be glad you did!
John Ray