Fresh year, fresh you!


The 2022 has just started.. but some of you might still be bringing some stress of 2021 to the present. It’s a very fruitful and promising year ahead and how are you gonna make the best out of it if your body is aching for help?

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Did you know?

Here are just some facts that you need to know why you should listen to your body when it cries for massage! A massage can:

  • -Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion
  • -Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers
  • -Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow – the body’s natural defense system.
  • -Exercise and stretch weak, tight or atrophied muscles.
  • -Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts
  • -Improve the condition of the body’s largest organ – the skin
  • -Increase joint flexibility
  • -Lessen depression and anxiety
  • -Promote tissue regeneration, reducing scar tissue
  • -Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation
  • -Reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling
  • -Reduce spasms and cramping
  • -Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles
  • -Relieve migraine pain

"Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well."

Judith Hanson Lasater

We also care for your mental health.  We know how greatly some of you might be feeling because of this fresh start.

Some of you might be feeling overwhelmed and anxious that you should start the year right or you’ll never do it right until the end?

Massage treatment should be a part of your mental health

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How can massage and mental health support each other?

Many people suffer from various forms of mental illness. People are seeking new treatment choices, such as massage therapy, as mental health disorders become increasingly frequent. Anxiety and sadness are the two most frequent illnesses that can be alleviated with massage therapy. It helps to relax and relieve stress in the body. It is a powerful tool that can be used into a mental health treatment strategy.

Mental health is becoming a more apparent aspect of our consciousness, whether it’s through social awareness, knowing someone who has a mental health condition, or going through a difficult period yourself. It’s no surprise that our society is growing more conscious, with 45 percent of Australians aged 16 to 85 having encountered a mental health condition at some point in their lives.

And this is unquestionably a good thing. More research is being done, there are more treatment choices accessible, and people are more accepting and understanding of the situation. In fact, more and more study is being done on the mental health advantages of massage. It has demonstrated to increase good mood, reduce stress, and relax the body.

So, how does massage benefit you?

Our receptors, neurons, and hormones are all involved.

Skin receptors are triggered during a moderate pressure massage, which miraculously convey signals to our brain via our nerves. The parts of the brain that receive these instructions are frequently responsible for mood regulation and hormone release. Massage, for example, has shown to reduce the secretion of stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline, while our systems manufacture natural antidepressants like serotonin and dopamine, which are our happy hormones.

Massage has also been demonstrated to boost vagal nerve activity, which is often low in those who are depressed. The vagus nerve has recently received a lot of interest due to how many body tissues it innervates and its role in heart rate regulation. Cortisol levels drop, heart rates slow, and our bodies become calmer when the vagus nerve is activated. What a fantastic idea!

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