Love month!


This month, we’d like to educate people about one of the five love languages- physical touch. When it comes to expressing affection, people tend to gravitate toward one of five love languages: physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, or giving gifts, according to Dr. Chapman. These love languages reflect not only how you express your love, but also how you would like to be loved.

This one is rather simple to notice when it comes to distinguishing the physical touch love language. Hoffman explains, “If you’re a PDA user, you’re probably a physical touch user.” While many people enjoy a little touch now and again, these folks are the ones that crave it the most, and they feel most noticed when their partner is physically attentive.

“As previously stated, we tend to love in the manner in which we like to be loved,” Sparks explains. “So, if someone is holding your hand all the time, touching specific parts of your body (not always in a sexual sense), and wanting to be physically attached by your shoulders, knees, and feet,” that’s a very solid sign they “speak” physical touch.

Physical activity has numerous advantages

  • Touching strengthens bonds in relationships. (The hormone oxytocin is an extremely powerful “drug.”)
  • According to one study, physical touch alleviates loneliness, reduces feelings of neglect, and boosts heart rate.
  • Another study found that holding hands with a partner reduced pupil dilatation (a stress response) during a brief stressor. Evidence that touching relieves stress could lead to a reduction in a variety of health concerns.
  • Women who hold their partner’s hand experience less pain, according to studies. Physical touch as a form of social support could be used to assist people coping with delivery and other unpleasant experiences.
  • Slow, soft-touch activates particular nerve fibers that detect touch signals and alleviate rejection feelings.
  • Loneliness, anxiety, depression, and tension are all symptoms of long-term touch deprivation.
 Other methods to communicate affection through physical touch
  • Displays of affection in public
  • Massage
  • Hand-holding
  • A soothing or unobtrusive touch during a conversation
  • You and your partner dancing
  • Exercising with your partner
  • Participating in sports with your significant other

In this love month, we have various gifts that would be perfect for your partner whether their love language is physical touch or not.
Want to do something special with your partner on Valentine’s day? You can book a massage class together so both of you would know what kind of massage both of you want.
Not sure if your partner would be available on Valentine’s Day? We got you! You can purchase a gift card and she can avail her massage at a time that is perfect for her.
You want to purchase a self-care basket but don’t know where to get one? No worries. We have them at the wellness studio.

Whatever their love language, as long as you have pure love and intention for them, they will surely feel loved.
As George Sand said, “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

Happy Love Month to you and your loved one.


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