What makes us Different?

You do not just lay down and get a massage. You recieve an assesement to find the cause of your pain or injury, before your massage begins. We then discuss what to expect during the session. Our Massage Therapists are skilled and when needed, they work with your Doctor(s) free of charge.


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No cookie cutting massage here!
Your Session will be customized to your needs. Allowing you to have the best modalities that fit your session; instead of having only ONE type of massage for the duration of your session.


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We work hand in hand with several Chiropractors, Plastic Surgeons and Doctors. You will have our full support and the choice to build a wellness team to help get you towards your goal!

What clients say...

Here are some reviews from our amazing clients!
John Ray

John Ray

Business Owner

"My experience has been a very positive on. She is a highly skilled practitioner and enthusiastic about her craft. She offers in-depth therapeutic knowledge."

Dr. Ben McDowell

Dr. Ben McDowell


"She will work to determine the cause of the problem, treat it at its source and fix it. I have witnessed the miracles she has performed on our patients when we co-manage."

Michelle Bush

Michelle Bush

CEO of La Casa

I have had many massages and Ayesha has helped with recovering from major surgery to relaxation. Strongly recommend! Wouldn't see anyone else in the area! Patient, Kind, Caring and a knowledgeable therapist!

J Rod

J Rod

I reccommend Laura, she is very professional and knowledgeable. The ambience is also really nice and very clean. A really cool space for relaxation.

Tennis female player getting ready to serve


Professional Athlete

I had really bad lower back pain. She explained how to do isolated stretch on certain muscles, which helped my back not spasm till I saw her next. She's very knowledgeable and enjoys her profession. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Pregnant Mother laying on a massage table


"Now" Mother to Be

This was my second round of IVF. Ayesha told me about an abdominal massage that will help. We did a round of sessions before the next implant... I'm now expecting a little boy! I wish we knew about Ayesha before the first round. Save yourself the trouble and extra cash of IVF, get the IVF massage first!

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Treat your Body, Mind, and Soul. Enjoy the use of Natural handmade creams, oils, and Salves. All which aid towards your well-being.

Therapeutic Bodywork for Adolescents and Adults

 Massage is a necessity that No-Body should go without. The younger you start the better your body and especially your joints will feel!

Our mission is to bring awareness to massage as a necessary Medicine.

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